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Needing a Dentist?

Whether it is a broken tooth, toothache or abscess, you sometimes find yourself missing a relationship with a dental care provider to turn to when the need arises.  This can happen any number of ways.  At Emergency Dental, we are here to provide dental care if you find yourself in any of these situations.

  • Perhaps you move to a new location and haven’t found a new dentist yet. An emergency hits and you aren’t sure who to call because you don’t have a dentist.  Give us a call.  We schedule same day appointments and accept new patients.
  • If you get a new job, it often means a change in insurance which prompts a change to find a provider who accepts your new coverage. Wondering how you are going to pay can keep some from the dentist.  We try to simplify that at Emergency Dental by providing payment options for everyone.
  • Maybe your dentist moves, passes away or retires. It can be hard to find someone you trust.  Luckily, all of our doctors have years, if not decades, in dentistry to quickly recognize and treat almost any dental emergency. You can trust that you will receive the best care.
  • Your need could occur when your dentist is on vacation. Sometimes it is difficult to find convenient times when your schedule and the dentists meshes. Hectic schedules that families and individual’s keep make it difficult to find time in the week for appointments.  You might find a dentist who keeps limited Saturday hours, but it can be almost impossible to find a dentist who is open on Sunday.  Unfortunately, emergencies don’t keep traditional office hours.  For example, emergencies are more likely to happen while attending a sporting event over the weekend.  We know that, and that is why Emergency Dental of Kansas City is open weekends and evenings.
  • Other times, a previous bad experience may put you in search of a new office. Our staff works with you to make the experience one of complete care and comfort.

While life may take twists and turns, Emergency Dental to ready to help you meet your needs of having quick, same-day dental care so you can get to your life destinations!

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