• My 91 year old mother need some teeth removed. Everyone in the office stepped in and made it so effortless for all of us. A true blessing. We will go back!!!😊👍🏽

    Mary H.
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  • Today I had the pleasure of being treated by a Dr. and her attention to detail and amazing personality, made my visit golden!

    This place is awesome! The staff is extremely friendly and professional

    Sedrick H.
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  • I have been to other emergency dental places that have a lot of reviews. This one is so much better!! The prices, dentists, and procedures were so much better here. The Dr. is the most efficient, effective, painless, all around best dentist I have ever had. I am a patient for life! Keep up the great work guys! It is much appreciated!

    Josh G.
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  • I broke a crown on Friday night at 10:30 pm. It left very sharp edges that were cutting my tongue and a hole in the tooth. I was able to walk in on Saturday and be seen. They couldn’t repair the crown the same day, but they were able to buffer down sharp points and evaluate hole to determine whether immediate repair was needed. Fortunately they said I could wait and have my regular dentist do the repair. They were thorough in x-rays and had an immaculately clean office. The 3 employees I interacted with were very caring and kind. The services were very affordable considering dental costs and they accept CareCredit. So happy I made the trip.

    Nikki L.
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  • Excellent care!! Recommend to anyone that has a dental emergency or needs a routine check-up and is unable to get off through the week. Great customer service!!

    Barbara N.
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  • Got me in the same day. The dental assistant was awesome! I didn’t catch her name but she made it a breeze for my painful mess of a tooth. The dentist was quick! Will be back for emergencies again and open on SUNDAYS!!!

    Courtney S.
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  • After a terrible experience with a different dentist, the Dr. helped me out when I needed it the most. He was kind, gentle, and informative and took care of me when I was in terrible pain. All of the staff who worked alongside him were extremely helpful and personable.

    Bree M.
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  • Super helpful and friendly!

    Christie R.
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  • I was in pain for 2 days in a row and I called this place to get a wisdom tooth out and the Dr. was really professional and made sure I didn’t feel a thing I honestly might make this place my primary dentist

    Sharon C.
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  • I got a permanent crown about a year ago to repair a tooth I broke on a table. The Dr. was professional and respectful and explained everything concerning my tooth. He has been very accommodating on crown adjustments and on working with my recent gum pimple.

    Brendan G.
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  • I previously had a couple of traumatic dental experiences which led me to not see a dentist in over 5 years… Until ignoring the problem would no longer work. I have a lot of anxiety and super sensitive gag reflexes which I communicated with the staff on my first emergency visit. They were fantastic. So amazing and understanding. I had three visits in total to take care of all of my issues and I wouldn’t have returned after the first time if they all weren’t so great. Definitely worth the drive.

    Jackie W.
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  • Just had my wisdom teeth extracted a few hours ago and I’m feeling great (thanks to these meds). Communication was very well everyone I met there was friendly and very helpful and price was what they said it would be. I would recommend this place to anybody!

    Dana T.
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